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an Aware User is better than any Anti-Virus. You are the best defense for your PC.

Anti-Virus and Malware Removal Tools by nature are not as effective as you want them to be.

How You Are Helping Hackers Steal Your Data



  1. Applying Software Updates.

  2. Using Unique Passwords.

  3. Using Two-Factor Authentication.

  4. Using Strong Passwords.

  5. Using a Password Manager.

Avoid becoming the Low-Hanging fruit

for the "bad guys"

We focus on supporting your Windows and Mac PC based on four core principles:

Education, Security, Performance, and Reliability

This enabling you to work safely with your computer.

  • Having a slow PC can be frustrating.
  • Staying on top of software updates to keep your computer safe can be time-consuming.
  • Downloading files or programs from untrusted sources can get your PC infected, with nasty malware and viruses that can take hold of your privacy and personal files.

Run your PC at the highest performance level, before, during, and after each use.

23 years of experience in Technology Help

and Repair

In South Florida, we have performed 

10,554 successful tech interventions 

for individuals and businesses.

We are here to help

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How we do it


Repair Service and Support

  1. Understanding Your Needs: We conduct an interview to learn about your problems and requirements.

  2. Device Analysis: Your device is inspected by our technician.

  3. Job Proposal and Work Plan: Includes a list of issues encountered during the evaluation, the job proposal and a work plan are then submitted for your consideration.

Before we attempt any repairs, we protect your data by performing three full data backups.

Our services are guaranteed for ninety (90) days:

  • With previous authorization, one remote follow-up session included.

  • We are available to answer all questions and concerns related to the service.

  • 15-min Skype session on the topic: How to maintain with your computer effectively.


My name is Roberto, since early childhood I have been curious and creative. I began my journey of discovery through the magic of video games. My parents contributed strongly to my interest to it and I thank them for their efforts and encouragement. In the 80’s I was pretty much a geeky kid!


As a teenager, I got hooked on what was happening. I joined the technology and the internet revolution of the 90s. I became Mr. Data – a character in the fictional Star Trek universe – a nickname I got from my high school classmates.


Little did I know my keenness would lead me to a professional breakthrough; today I am a technology enthusiast, a computer technician, and owner of MyTECH360.

My company was founded 13 years ago, initially as AXP Solutions; it has been helping three hundred seventy-five businesses and entrepreneurs in South Florida ever since.


My curiosity keeps my hunger for knowledge alive. I love keeping myself up to date with the rapid changes and advances in the industry; mixed with creativity, I give my clients the latest proven solutions for their needs. My promise to my clients is: improve the performance, reliability, and security of their technological equipment. To add value, I offer my clients a session giving them tools to identify and prevent attacks on their privacy. I strive to achieve what is important, their complete satisfaction.


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